Helping Africa to be self reliant.

We are a virtual farmers' market that links buyers, small holder and emerging
farmers to a reliable and fair market.

Collection Points
Small-holder farmers
small holder farmer

Our Mission

We believe in helping our small-holder and emerging farmers to plan better & live with the assurance that marketing and transportation of farm produce is taken care of, so they can do what they do best.

Our mission is to make farming sustainable and profitable to small holder and emerging farmers inorder to attract dedicated, full-time farmers who will create employment and increase horticultural production.

Our Vision

To influence a healthier lifestyle through farming systems that strive for high quality produce that is economically viable and can better nourish the consumers.

Social Impact


Sediba contributes largely to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through connecting smallholder farmers to markets.

We encourage them to farm more, produce more and substantially earn more thus transforming communities, alleviating poverty (SDG1) and promoting zero hunger (SDG2).

Sediba offers produce that is only of high quality standards and allows households to order for delivery through our one of its kind innovative e-commerce platform to their doorstep thus encouraging healthy eating hence good health and well-being (SDG 3) together with embracing innovation (SDG 9).

By teaching farmers principles of sorting, grading and packaging produce, Sediba contributes to quality education (SDG4) that helps a farmer gain skills for their business development.

Because Sediba has other services that require non farming expertise like produce courier, we foster a system that creates job opportunities that attract fair incomes thus promoting decent work and economic growth (SDG8).